Bonus Sermons

They began during the pandemic when we were 100% virtual in our worship and fellowship.  Our pastor decided that the “real world” aspect of a sermon recorded somewhere “out there” might be a way to both help us stay connected as well as make the lessons God could teach us aren’t limited to an hour per week in a safe place we call a sanctuary.

In short?  Our bonus sermons were a hit.  They spoke to people both in the congregation as well as to friends and strangers all over the Internet.  So, adopting the age-old wisdom of “if it seems to be working, keep at it,” Rodger decided to continue recording his bonus sermons here, there and everywhere he found himself with a spiritual or theological idea to ponder.  They usually get posted right here on the website about once a month or so.

Below are some of his bonus sermons from the past several years.  (The are all available on Rodger’s YouTube Channel.  Type in “rpsellers” in the search box and they’ll come up.)